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Website Developer/Designer

Events Coordinator

Health Program Manager

Health Advisers

Program Evaluation Director

Health Education Specialist

Website Administrator

Administrative Assistant

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What's Going On In AHY ?

Healthier Educators in the 21st Century Conference

Educators It's Time To Reevaluate Your Self-Care!

June 19, 2020

Educator's It's Time To RE-eValuate Your Self-Care.  Go to the events page and register for the conference today! I am giving away $50-$100 for school supplies for next school term.

Get your skin Glowing and take 10 years off. May be even lose a few pounds.  This challenge is one of kind and it is for 10 days.   I will provide you with all my secret recipes for detoxing the skin, body bath soak detoxing, great meal recipes that keeps the skin supple, firm, process to  decrease fine lines and wrinkles, clear acne, oily, dry, and scaly skin and looking younger than ever before. This an more will keep you looking like the Queen that you are.  

You only pay $10.00. For a $1.00 a day you will get great tips and tricks to keep you looking good no matter what your age.  Click the button below and download your plan today!  You will never have to look at unhealthy skin again.  


"Better Than Young Cleansing"  

Start Your Weight Loss Today

Detoxing with the right foods will nourish the body, mind, and inner spirit. The 10/14 Fit & Smoothie Cleanse will help you to become healthy while embracing the goodness of healthy eating and enjoy what you are eating. It will change your life forever!  Get the book at, or, or Kindle

Fit & Smoothie Shoppe

Get Excited With A Healthier You!  Are you spending more time cutting, dicing, slicing, and measuring to prepare your smoothies? Do want to save money too?  We have posted a survey on the AHY Facebook page. Go and vote on our smoothies brand.  Get a chance to win 3 great frozen smoothies shipped to you for FREE. Survey will be closed on July 31st.  Click the button below
Come back for the pre-order sale on August 15, 2018.

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